Programa quiropráctico Atlas Orthogonal

This technical book was my first debut as a writer. All information on the "Atlas Orthogonal" technique is described until 2014-2015. Much of the manual is a translation from the English manual published by the "Sweat Institute."


Details of the book: 21.59 x 27.94 cm .; Black & White on White paper; Number of Pages: 320 pp .; First edition 2008; Second Edition 2015; Language: Spanish.

Research on CVJ anomalies

This was an intense 1 year job researching the articles published about anomalies in the upper cervical area. It could be considered a review of the literature.
Details of the book: 21.59 x 27.94 cm .; Full color on white paper; Number of Pages: 494 pp .; First Edition 2012; Second Edition 2015; Language: English.
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Research on CVJ anomalies

Improving on improvement. My clinical experience

My research to improve clinical outcomes through the Atlas Orthogonal technique are reflected in this book. Some will appreciate it, others will not care.

Benestar per a tota la vida

This book was published to inform the patient about the treatment I offer in my clinic to understand exactly what I do and how it will improve your health. Contains important and necessary information for the patient to cooperate at all times with the Doctor for best treatment outcomes.
Details of the book: 21.59 x 27.94 cm.; Full color on white paper; Number of pages: 46 p .; First Edition 2014; Language: Spanish and Catalan.

Leg Check. My clinical experience

Another booklet publishing my research to improve clinical outcomes through the "Atlas Orthogonal" technique. This time, on the measurement of the asymmetry of the legs and feet. Some will appreciate it, others will not care.

Published article #1

This is my first article published in a scientific journal, in this case on "chiropractic history" about the arguments of the founder of chiropractic and his son on whether the first chiropractic adjustment was performed in the fourth or second vertebra on the first patient named Harvey Lillard.
Valdivia Tor J., Foley J. (2015). T4 vs C2: Examining the conflicting statements of D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer regarding the Harvey Lillard adjustment. Chiropractic History 35 (2), 68-79.

The Study of the Chiropractic

This book analyzes, according the "scientific method", one of the most widely used tests by chiropractors: the "leg check", which measures the relative distance of the legs to detect a supposed type of spinal injury and its response after chiropractic interventions.

Entiende tu problema, entiende tu recuperación

Book details: 29 x 22 cm.; Full-color photo album; Number of pages: 46 pp.; First Edition 2017; Language: Spanish.


Valdivia Tor J., (2017). Leg Length Inequality as a Chiropractic Metric: a Historical Approach. Chiropractic History 37 (1), 42-50.


Joaquin Valdivia Tor, D.C. Prediction of the Axial Rotation of the Atlanto-Occipital Joint by Means of the Modified Manual Ankle Rigidity Test and Radiography: Study Protocol for a Randomized Double-Blind, Controlled Trial. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. November 30, 2017. Pages 286-296.


Valdivia Tor, J., (2017). The Last Ten Years of D.D. Palmer, "As I See It". Chiropractic History 37(2), 29-51.

D.D. Palmer. Biografía del primer quiropráctico

The Chiropractor (1914). Traducción original español

B.J. Palmer. Biografía del mayor quiropráctico

A Hole In One (1930). Traducción original español

Entiende mis servicios

Entiende mis servicios para obtener el mayor beneficio posible. 
Details of the book: 15,21 x 21,01 cm.; Full color; Number of pages: 20 p.; First Edition 2019; Language: Spanish.

The Unknown Story of B.J. Palmer and Chiropractic

Shall the P.S.C. Survive? Traducción original español


Testimonials. Our patients speak.
Book details: 21 x 29,7 cm.; Full-color photo album; Number of pages: 74 pp.; First Edition 2019; Language: Spanish, catalan.

Reasons for my Faith (1931). Traducción original español.

Introductory Instructions (1950)
Chiropractic Radiology

The Hour Has Arrived (1930). Traducción original español

The Hour Has Arrived (1930)




To conduct and publish scientific studies is not an easy task for those who are not exclusively dedicated to this task. In this clinic we will cooperate with any authority  to scientifically document the work we do.