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Dr. Joaquim Valdivia Tor
Upper Cervical Chiropractor - Atlas Orthogonal


Chiropractic Girona - Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to our Chiropractic Clinic, dedicated to the wellness of the spine. We are specialists in adjusting the upper cervical spine. Adjustments to this area intimately affect the balance of the spine as well as the entire body.

The chiropractic story began in the USA over 100 years ago and now the study and practice of chiropractic is a dedicated profession.

The chiropractic principle is based on the relationship between the spine and overall health of the individual.

The misalignment of the spine can produce irritation to the nervous system and cause a wide variety of health problems:

Herniated disc Jaw pain Athletic injuries
Torticollis Scoliosis Fibromyalgia
Whiplash Back pain Bell's palsy
Migraines Traumatic birth Trigeminal neuralgia
Vertigo Pediatrics "Lost cases"
Neck pain Headaches Motor vehicle accidents

At the same time the normal posture is lost and makes daily living difficult and less healthy. Often the cause is unknown to the sufferer.

The goal of our Chiropractic Clinic, is to offer a treatment for people of all ages who are looking for the solution to their health problems in a natural way, without surgery or medications.

Our treatment specializes in adjustments to the upper cervical spine and is characterized by its softness and good results.

Joaquín Valdivia Tor, Doctor of Chiropractic (Life West, California) offers his services in the city of Girona and Barcelona, Spain.


Dr. Joaquín Valdivia Tor.