Dr. Joaquín Valdivia Tor

   In December 2004, I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West (California, USA), obtaining the Doctor of Chiropractic degree.
   I studied in the US for several reasons: chiropractic helped my back problems more than any other method; chiropractic originated in the US, and there’s more knowledge and professionals over there; at that time, there weren't many options in Europe, and my chiropractor in Barcelona had recommended it to me.
   Chiropractic techniques have always interested me, and I spent much time learning further about them through College, lectures, books, visits to doctors' clinics, etc. I chose non-invasive techniques based on cervical and atlas study and correction (such as NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal) and others such as D.N.F.T. or B.E.S.T. I even worked with Dr. Roy Sweat in Atlanta, Georgia, founder of the Altas Orthogonal Technique. May he rest in peace.
   For the last 20 years, my dedication to chiropractic and my patients has been incessant. I have improved my work through experience, thus, obtaining better results for my patients and myself, which we all appreciate. My findings are documented in over 25 of my own publications, including chiropractic technique, history, patient education, anatomy, and radiology. I have also invented the káyros device and its accessories.
   Every day, through my work, I see how patients, who have lost their health, recover it naturally when they cooperate with my recommendations, both in the short and long term. This motivates me to continue practicing and serving those patients who need me and contact me in search of a more dignified life.
   I’m here for you,
   All the best,
   Joaquin Valdivia Tor. D.C.