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Dr. Joaquim Valdivia Tor
Upper Cervical Chiropractor - Atlas Orthogonal


Headaches - cephalgia -

Headaches, or cephalgia, may also be caused by neck pain and/or misalignment in the cervical spine.

The misalignments of the cervical spine (vertebral subluxations) are most frequent in the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis).  These subluxations may be caused by falls, lesions, motor vehicle accidents (whiplash), traumatic birth, stress and muscular tension, etc.

Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatment specializes in the cervical spine and offers the relief and resolution for many of our patients that present daily to our clinic.

There are different types of headaches or cephalgias and they may be experienced in different forms.

The most common are: tension headaches and migraines.