“Lost cases"

A high percentage of patients who come to our clinic are what we call "lost cases".
You are a “lost case” if you suffer from a "spinal column problem" that is detrimental to your health and possibly your personal life, family and work. You might have even quit your job for this reason. You may feel ashamed to talk about your problem because your friends, relatives or even your spouse do not take you seriously. They can´t imagine what you are going through because you do not appear to be sick and they have never felt like you do.
If you are a “lost case”, your health issues – with a spinal origin – initially appeared by different reasons and possibly you didn’t notice at the time it first began. For example:
* A “spinal problem” such as scoliosis, or herniated disc, that began mildly but over time has become severe. If “spinal problems” are not addressed properly, eventually they worsen. For example, problems due to a fall, a motor vehicle accident, a quick and strong body movement, a heavy overload (lifting furniture), or bone and tissue degeneration (osteoarthritis), etc.
* An excess of different “health care treatments” applied to your body. You may have fallen into the “trap” of initially not paying attention to your problem, thinking that “any treatment" would get you well. Perhaps you went to a "specialist" recommended by your neighbor through personal experience. But you did not improve. Perhaps later you tried another treatment, then another. As you may not have seen results, you follow this path until you have passed through the hands of many people who have applied numerous treatments on you. At this point you may feel even worse than before. We do not believe that the combination of different treatments is beneficial, quite the contrary. The fewer treatments and correctly applied, the better. With the greatest amount of treatments with no results, the worse you may end up.
* The application of one or more incorrect "treatments" to your body. Today many practitioners and “body systems” may guarantee a definitive cure. But if you put yourself in the hands of someone who does not have proper knowledge of your situation he/she could cause you a serious and severe health problem for the rest of your life. That "specialist" or “system” in question may cause damage to your spine by applying the wrong treatment on your body. These range from "fake massage salons" to incorrectly applied spinal manipulation, or the so-called "atlas specialists" that perform a weekend course for later playing with your health. There are even more invasive treatments such as unnecessary medical interventions (some surgeries and so on) that can cause you very serious health problems, both in the short and long term.
As a “lost case” you may have visited the "greatest specialists", or the ones with "high prestige", who are "very famous". Many of them have numerous diplomas on the walls of their expensive offices in their famous clinics. However they have not offered results to your problems; they have only told you useless theories. In such case they were not such a great specialists if they couldn’t help you. By the end, to get rid of you, they might have even told you that your problem is "psychological" rather than "physical".
By now you might feel "unhappy", "ripped off" and hopelessly misunderstood. 
Then ... What is your problem?
The origin of you health problems is mechanical, structural. Your column has lost its normal alignment, which has a negative impact on your health. Until it is realigned you will not improve, no matter what else you may do, where you go and whatever you take or spend.
The only way to get you well is through a personal and detailed study of your particular misalignment (with x-rays, for example). X-ray images are needed to observe and measure the misalignment of the spinal column.
Here lies the problem of the "lost case". A misalignment that at first look may appear insignificant. A problem which many will not consider and even laugh of it. Don’t expect the “great specialists” to tell you about your misalignment and its consequences. You will have to be the one to understand what you suffer from. Unfortunately this may be after you’ve gone to many different clinics and specialists with no beneficial results.
And now... how can you improve?
You would not be a “lost case” if initially you had started treatment in our clinic. Now, after what happened, you will have to:
1-Understand your problem and give it the importance it deserves.
2- Disregard all the theories that have been given to you by all those who have failed or have not been able to offer you a solution.
3- Do not go to other places for more "treatments".
4- Place your trust in the professionalism of our clinic.
5-Have patience and know that occasionally during the recovery treatment you may feel discomfort.
6-Strictly follow the recommended schedule of visits, both short and long term.
7- Cooperate with the recommendations we are going to suggest you.
A failure will occur if you start treatment but later you have no patience and quit halfway. You will not reach our improvement goals and frankly, in that case it would have been better not to have started.
This center is consistent with the "lost cases”. We understand how they must be cared and we are willing to do it, as long as the patient cooperates. Otherwise, there will be no results, and it will not be because of our treatment or because you could not improve, but because of your lack of cooperation in the 7 points discussed above.
If you are a "lost case" you will understand what we speak of. Otherwise, you may not understand, but if you know any such "lost cases", perhaps you can share this information.
Some "lost cases" just throw in the towel and decide to do nothing to improve. That would mean a life of chronic discomfort and pain-killing medication.

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