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Motor vehicle accidents

The shock received by the human body during a traffic accident often affects the cervical spine more than any other part of the body.

That shock to the cervical spine is known as “whiplash” or “neck sprain injury”.

  • Motor vehicle accident

    Motor vehicle accident

In Spain, whiplash injuries are typically produced by slow speed traffic crashes in caravans.  Approximately 25.000 people a year are involved in such incidents.

People who suffer a neck sprain injury may suffer additional health problems.   These then often produce a decrease in the quality of life and chronic sequeale:

Back pain Vertigo Torticollis
Neck pain Headaches Herniated disc
Jaw pain Migraines Fibromyalgia
Seizures Bell's palsy Trigeminal neuralgia
Ear ringing - Tinnitus - Blurry vision - Facial pains - Sweats - Paresthesias  

These types of injuries in children may be even more devastating, due to the fragility of their spine and soft stability of their ligaments and bones.

The specific chiropractic treatment of the cervical spine that we offer in our clinic and known as Atlas Orthogonal, offers solutions to whiplash injuries (neck sprain) in an effective manner.  We do this without drugs or surgery.

An article published in Journal of Whiplash & Related Disorders, Vol. 5(1) 2006 shows the effectiveness of the treatment.

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