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Back pain

  • Back pain

    Back pain

Today a high percentage of the population lives with back pain. Pain can come through different ways. After an accident, a fall, a bad posture, after lifting up something heavy, working too much or perhaps doing nothing except resting on the couch.

Although the pain may manifest on one exact day, most probably it is the result of a process of irritation that started sometime ago.

Some possible initial causes of back pain:

* Bad posture at work, on the desk, on the sofa, while driving, etc.

* Sleep on an uncomfortable bed.

* Lack of exercise or exercise done incorrectly.

* Emotional stress.

* Muscle tension.

* Falls, sport injuries, traffic accidents, fights...

* Bad diet/obesity

* Walk with bad shoes

* Carrying weights

* Sedentary lifestyle

* Misalignments, malformations or degeneration of the spine.

* Drugs (legal or illegal).

* Vertebral subluxations.

Extremity problems, such as in the knees, are often caused by bad skeletal posture. Skeletal misalignment causes joints to work in a direction that they were not designed to causing an unfair strain to all the articulations of the body

When aligning the spine to closer to vertical, the weight of the body and to the joints is distributed equally thus reducing the pain on the overweighed joints.

  • Misaligned and aligned spine

    Misaligned and aligned spine