First consultation

The first consultation we perform is critical for us to know about your general health status and the physical problems you may be dealing with.
During this consultation we will ask you a series of questions that will allow us to obtain information about your particular case and to determine if the treatment we offer can benefit you.

Chiropractic first consultation


The evaluation tests will allow us to know in more detail the structure and functioning of your body.
Physical tests may include palpating the back, visualizing your posture, or checking for muscle rigidity through the mobility of the ankles.
Imaging tests such as radiographs and magnetic resonances will allow us to evaluate the structure of your body in more detail.

Chiropractic evaluation tests


Once your health status is known through the first consultation and evaluation tests, it is time to start the treatment.
The treatment we offer is aimed at improving your problem, which is traditionally known in chiropractic as vertebral subluxation.
The vertebral subluxation consists of a problem with the structure of the body (lack of blood flow to muscles and organs, nerve irritation, spinal cord tension, and misalignment of bone structures, among others) that causes a malfunction of the muscles and systems of the same (musculoskeletal, immune, nervous, and vascular systems) related to the conditions, symptoms and / or discomfort that you may be suffering from.
The treatment we perform is not based on a wellness session with the application of massage, vertebral manipulation, application of currents or cold / heat. Our treatment is based on the application of very soft mechanical devices in very specific points of your back so that you get the best possible recovery with respect to your problem and your state of health.
The recovery that can be obtained with our treatment is not reached from one day to the next, but it is a process that depends on several factors, such as:
The type and intensity of condition/symptom that suffers (migraines, fibromyalgia, etc.)
The duration time you´ve been suffering.
The state of your spine.
Your age.
Your current health status.
How consistently you follow the scheduled visits recommended for your particular case.
People of all ages can benefit from this method as it does not involve risks.

Treatment goals

Atlas Orthogonal

If you are interested in the "Atlas Orthogonal" treatment, please let us know before the consultation.

Atlas Orthogonal

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