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Dr. Joaquim Valdivia Tor
Upper Cervical Chiropractor - Atlas Orthogonal


Chiropractic treatment

Our primary treatment is based on the adjustment of the cervical spine, more specifically, the adjustment of the first vertebra, the atlas in relation with the head and the other cervical vertebrae.

  • Correction of the spine

This adjustment intimately affect the balance of the spine as well as the entire body.

Atlas Orthogonal

The spinal adjustment corrects the misaligned vertebrae through an effective, safe, painless and scientific system.

This system, known as Atlas Orthogonal, is based upon the palpation of the first 2 cervical nerves, the leg lenght check and the analysis of 3 x-rays (to know the exact misalignment produced in the upper cervical spine).

  • Atlas Orthogonal analysis (chiropractic treatment)

    Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas adjustment

Once those factors are known we apply a very light and painless force that comes from the Atlas Orthogonal adjusting instrument to align the spine.

  • Adjustment of the atlas (chiropractic treatment Atlas Orthogonal)

    Adjustment of the atlas

After the adjustment is completed we re-evaluate the changes produced in the palpation, the leg length and 2 more x-rays.

Our secondary treatment is based on standard chiropractic techniques.

The number of adjustments and time needed for the cervical spine correction depends on the status of the spine.

All ages, including the young and the elderly can benefit from this painless method.

This painless method called Atlas Orthogonal offers solutions to:

Herniated disc Jaw pain Athletic injuries
Torticollis Scoliosis Fibromyalgia
Whiplash Back pain Bell's palsy
Migraines Traumatic birth Trigeminal neuralgia
Vertigo Pediatrics "Lost cases"
Neck pain Headaches Motor vehicle accidents

Our Chiropractic Clinic is one of the few chiropractic offices that offer upper cervical chiropractic specific treatment in Europe.

For more information about Atlas Orthogonal technique you can visit: 

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