Chiropractic is the third primary health care profession after Medicine and Dentistry.
Chiropractic works on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal problems (misalignments of the spine) and the negative effects that those may cause in the functioning of the nervous system and health (in a natural way, without medications or surgery).
Those problems or “vertebral subluxations” (as known in the profession) – that are caused by falls, injuries, accidents, traumatic birth, etc. – may produce many types of health problems to who suffer them.

Chiropractic: Brief history

The chiropractic history began in 1895, Davenport (Iowa, USA).
Daniel David Palmer, founder of chiropractic, was the first to develop a scientific treatment to correct spinal problems that produced a wide variety of health problems to who suffer them.

D.D. Palmer

In 1930 his son, B.J. Palmer, specialized in the treatment of the spine through a new method. This used x-ray analysis, to see and understand misalignment. This method worked to realign the body back to normal posture.
B.J. Palmer specialized in adjusting the atlas, the first vertebra of the spine, which then caused realignment of the entire spine and body.

B.J. Palmer

He soon became popular for his good results in difficult cases; even Mayo Clinic (USA) sent him patients. Soon he started teaching this method in his chiropractic college.

HIO method

The evolution of his work is reflected in the development of new and more specific methods for the correction of the spine, such as “Grostic”, “NUCCA”, and “Atlas Orthogonal”.

Dr. Grostic, Dr. Gregory, Dr. Sweat

Chiropractic: The studies

The chiropractic career consists of 5 to 7 university years and more than 5000 class hours that are divided into basic sciences, clinical sciences and internship. After the studies the major Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) is achieved.
There are more than 24 chiropractic universities in the world today.
Most of them are in the USA, where the profession was born.
The first chiropractic university founded in Spain (2008) is located in Madrid.
One of the main problems that the profession faces is the intrusion of individuals with no diplomas but still work as DC’s. When you visit a chiropractor in Spain make sure he/she is truly a Doctor in Chiropractic.

Chiropractic: The principle

Chiropractic, as a science, looks for the status of the spine and its relationship with health. Then, as a method, applies the spinal adjustment to reach that goal.
The chiropractic philosophy recognizes that the human body has the capacity to heal itself that runs through the nervous system, and is known by the name of innate intelligence.
Other health professions and sciences know that capacity by another name. For example in medicine it is called “Natura vix Medicatrix” thanks to Hippocrates.
The nervous system is protected by the spine. However when the spine misaligns from its normal posture, it can produce nervous interferences or “vertebral subluxations” and thus cause problems related to health.
The chiropractors’ duty is to make sure that the spine works properly to protect the nervous system, through the use of his/her chosen treatment.

Aligned and misaligned spine

Chiropractic: Health

The World Health Organization, in 1947, defined health as not only the lack of disease and sickness but the physical, mental and social wellness. This is basically the same viewpoint that chiropractic has about health.

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