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Pain and dysfunctions

When the human body receives an impact, such as due to a traffic accident, all body structures may suffer important damage.  These structures include ligaments, joints, tendons, muscles and other soft tissues.

Neck sprain indicates the destabilization of cervical ligaments and in consequence, the misalignment of the cervical spine (vertebral subluxations).

This compromises the nervous system and ultimately may produce some aberrant health conditions.

  • Health problems (motor vehicle accidents-whiplash)

    Health problems

Some of the health problems associated with whiplash are:

Back pain Vertigo Torticollis
Neck pain Headaches Herniated disc
Jaw pain Migraines Fibromyalgia
Seizures Bell's palsy Trigeminal neuralgia
Ear ringing - Tinnitus - Blurry vision - Facial pains - Sweats - Paresthesias  

Some of these symptoms are exposed in the “health problems” menu. The rest are told below.

The chiropractic treatment Atlas Orthogonal, which we offer in our clinic, specializes in the upper cervical spine and offers solutions to whiplash (or neck sprain) in an effective way, without drugs or surgery.

Ear ringing (tinnitus) and blurry vision

Ear ringing (tinnitus) and blurry vision may be produced due to lesions in the cervical spine and vertebral arteries (“vertebro-basilar syndrome”).

Facial pains and sweats

Facial pains and sweats may be produced to some injury to the brainstem, cranial nerves, vertebral arteries…


Paresthesias are sensations of numbness, tickling or pricking in hands and often accompany a neck sprain.