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Traumatic birth

  • Traumatic birth

    Traumatic birth

The birth process, even under a controlled situation, is a traumatic event that can cause injuries to the mother and baby’s spine.

One of the causes of traumatic birth is the position in which the mother is submitted to give birth that is on her back and facing up. In this position, the mother has to work against gravity. The baby must ascend up and out the birth canal.

That causes the medical doctor or the assistant to use his/her hands to pull out the baby’s head or to use forceps, which may cause spinal cord irritation, among others problems.

Water birth

The recommended position to give birth is on a squat position, which creates a 10% pelvic enlargement.

This position shortens the birth canal by pressing the uterus and avoids the arching of the back of the mother. Another option is to give birth in water, which relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain.

  • Water birth

    Water birth