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Dr. Joaquim Valdivia Tor
Upper Cervical Chiropractor - Atlas Orthogonal


Dr. Joaquín Valdivia Tor

  • Joaquin Valdivia Tor, Doctor of Chiropractic

    Joaquín Valdivia Tor, DC

Joaquín Valdivia Tor, Doctor of Chiropractic, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West, California (USA) in December 2004.

During his studies Dr. Valdivia attended technique seminars concerning specialized treatment of the cervical spine.

When Dr. Valdivia finished his studies he worked with Dr. Roy and Matthew Sweat in Atlanta (USA).

  • Diploma LCCW


Drs. Sweat - Sweat Institute

  • Dr. Roy Sweat, Dr. Matthew Sweat

Dr. Roy Sweat is Doctor of Chiropractic and specialist since the last 50 years in the cervical spine. He is the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique.

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